Oxford vs. Cambridge Croquet Match, Sunday 21st June, morning & lunch

It is our great pleasure to announce that on 21 June 2015 will be held the

2015 Oxford vs. Cambridge Croquet Match.

For those of you that are not familiar with this event, it is held on the croquet lawn in front of the Chateau du Lac Hotel at Genval, on the banks of a fountained lake. The situation is idyllic and those people that do not have a car should mention in replying that they are in search of a lift. It is however possible to reach it by public transport.

This is your once-a-year opportunity to assist in proving which of our great Universities is truly superior. Strategy and tactics are all-important! Both sides consider it of prime necessity to field as many players as possible, so do come along and bring any guests you can find – the more the merrier. At the end of play a cup will be awarded to the victors.

The timing is as follows:

09:30hrs Practice Session & Warm Up (essential if you have a tendency to take the mallet by the wrong end)

10:30hrs -12:30hrs The Match (actually there are several parallel games and scores are computed using Newtonian (Trinity, 1661) mathematics, which is occasionally in our favour).

12.30: The Presentation of the Cup

This event is FREE for all members.

Afterwards Fred and Rosemary Marcus (Oxford) have kindly offered to host a picnic after the match at their house near Genval.


72 rue Edouard Dereume

1330 Rixensart

Tel. (Fred's mobile) 0476 982 479

This is very close to Gare de Genval, and that isn't far from the croquet lawn either. Please park in adjoining streets (Deceuster or Grande Bruyere).

Fred and Rosemary kindly provide soft drinks plus a few cans of beer and cider, little potatoes and Greek salad.

You are invited to provide enough for yourself (sandwiches or whatever) and a bottle. If anyone wishes to bring a special dish to share that would be lovely, but everybody is welcome with or without offerings.

Although teams are largely self-organising, it would nonetheless be helpful if those members intending to participate would fill in the form below


We look forward to seeing you for an excellent competitive match!

Kind Regards,

Caroline Laske, Secretary, Cambridge Society of Belgium

Carol de Lusignan, Secretary, Oxford Society of Belgium

P.S. Genval is 20km to the south of Brussels just to the other side of the Forêt de Soignes. The croquet lawn is in front of the Chateau du Lac Hotel, Avenue du Lac, 1332 Genval

Find the Lawn: