Film Club - 30th May 2013 - “The Great Gatsby”

If any of you are gagging to see the cheezy film spectacular of the summer "The Great Gatsby", Emma and Frances are calling this an Oxbridge Filmcircle for like minded people... While this promises to be a movie full of glitzy 3D eyecandy the critics remain divided as to how well this performance portrays the glamour, fragility and eventual tragedy so poignantly captured in Scott Fitzgerald's poetic and brilliantly clairvoyant novel about the violent crash of American society at the end of the Jazz Age.

Selected film reviews can be found here for your reading pleasure:

This film is indeed the third attempt to bring Fitzgerald's literary masterpiece to life on the big screen... it remains for the Oxbridge Film Circle to make up our own minds on the merit of Luhrmann's latest hi-tech offering!

When: We will see the 3D version of the film on Thursday 30th May. Be there at 7:30pm for the 8pm showing.

Where: UGC De Brouckère (Place De Brouckère, 38, 1000 Brussels. Tel: 0900 10440. Website:

How: Each person joining to buy their own tickets online or in the cinema reception (advance reservation is advised). Please email Emma ( to let her know if you intend to join the group and she will look out for you outside the allocated cinema screen. On arrival Emma will guide you to where the Oxbridge group will be sitting inside the cinema.

Afterwards!: Join us for a drink and a chat about the film in the Hotel Metropole just opposite the cinema.

We look forward to seeing you there!