Gin Masterclass 25th April 2013

With great pleasure and no little anticipation we are delighted to announce a very special event with a difference no-one should miss.

On Thursday 25th April 2013 from 19:30hrs, we have organised for you a Gin Master Class to be held at the

Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung, 11 Avenue de l'Yser, 1040 Brussels (Metro: Merode)

The Master Class will be given by Mr Timon Salomez of The Nectar. Mr Salomez has ten years’ experience of serving cocktails in clubs and bars across the nation. Enthused from a young age by the “virus of cocktails”, he has entered competitions for bartending and cocktail recipes across the country.

Gin and tonic, or gin tónica, or jeantonique as you prefer, can be served in an infinite variety of disguises. It has a long history, too, going back to the eighteenth century and the rigours of colonial life in India. Officers of the East India Company took quinine to protect them from the deadly effects of the anopheles mosquito. Quinine is bitter to the human taste, too: diluting it with gin “helped the medicine go down”. More recently, in Piano Man one of the soaks at the bar was making love, no less, to his gin and tonic! On the net, bloggers join raucous battle over the merits of Plymouth and London gins; of lemon or lime; of more or less ice; and over much more besides. Cocktails can raise strong feelings!

In this Master Class, Mr Salomez will address some myths about this and other popular cocktails. He will also show us, with a small glass in our hands, some delicious alternatives to that staple suburban aperitif -- Gordon’s, Schweppes tonic water, an ice cube, and a slice of lemon. Come and discover delicious cocktails that are really different. Your G&Ts never need taste quite the same again!

If you wish to be part of this unique experience, please let me know by 15.04. Places for attending the Master Class are limited and will be handled on a strictly first-come/paid-first-serve basis. The price of the Master Class is €20 for members; €25 for non-members

payable by bank transfer by 17.04 at the very latest to

IBAN: BE 84 3770 0232 0559


in the name of: "Vierlich-Jürcke” mentioning "Gin Master Class"

The price includes the cost of all spirits and other supplies used in the Class. A sample of those used will be available for purchase at advantageous prices.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you at this event.