Film Club - 29th March 2012 - “Der Steinerne Reiter” (The Stone Rider)

This year cinema celebrates the 100th anniversary of Studio Babelsberg - the world’s oldest large-scale film studio complex, the birthplace of German film and also a major force in the development of cinema internationally.  In honour of this event, the CamSoc Film Society brings you a German film evening at Cinematek on the 29th March – 20:15 – with “Der Steinerne Reiter” (The Stone Rider).

Der Steinerne Reiter is a silent film, directed by Herr Fritz Wendhausen, Germany 1923.   It has been described as an “unknown masterpiece” and one of Klein-Rogge's best performances, as he plays a romantic lead with a dash of villainy.

“The Rider lives on a mountaintop overlooking the village that he rules over with cruelty. The very thought of him making a visit to the village stirs the most absolute dread and hatred. But if the people could see beyond his wild, brutish exterior, they would see that he is actually very lonely and miserable with the place he was given in life. Because of his wretched existence, the Rider lives spitefully, purposely stirring up trouble just to make a sensation of himself.

But when his antics get an innocent young bride killed, he seriously begins to contemplate how evil he is becoming. The bride's vengeful sister soon comes for the Rider at his mountain fortress, intent on driving a blade through his wicked heart. However, when she finds him broken and tearful in repentance for the unintentional murder he had brought about, she cannot find the strength to kill him. Through time, they come to grow attached to each other. The Rider is redeemed by love but his servants turn cruel when they take justice into their own hands blurring the thin line between good and evil...

This film is a breathtaking Expressionist piece, with a healthy dose of German Romanticism that fits it just perfectly.”

Practical details:

The ticket price is 3 EUR (+0.5 website booking fee).  To ease organisation we ask that those who wish to join the group purchase their own tickets via the website:

If you wish to join the group, or have any questions about the evening, please contact Emma Pearson ( before 28th March

As Cinematek is very strict about late arrivals (late arrivals are denied entrance), we will meet in the foyer at 19:45 on 29th March

Cinema address:  Rue Baron Horta 9, 1000 Bruxelles

We look forward to seeing you there!