Film Club - 26th January 2012 - “Tapas”

Happy New Year!  CamSoc Film Society in the person of Frances Robinson springs into action:

Tapas (2005, Jose Corbacho and Juan Cruz)

January 26 - 19.00 - Cinematek (Bozar)

2012 sees Brussels Capital Region hosting a year long food festival, 'Brusselicious' and the Cinematek have decided to celebrate the marriage of food and cinema with a cycle of combined screenings and tastings, 'Chez Cinematek'.

'Tapas' takes place in a suburb of Barcelona, a collage of stories, hidden secrets and intrigue spanning neighbours generations, told in the city's cafes and tapas bars. It should provide some much-needed sunlight in the middle of the Belgian winter!

The ticket price of EUR 12 includes the film, drinks and a related tasting after movie (around 21.00) -- however, tickets must be bought in advance (so they can inform the caterers). Reply to me ( by Jan 11 and I will purchase them and you can refund the society on the night.

Hasta luego -- the film is in Spanish (according to the website, could be Catlan tho) with French subtitles -- hope to see you there!