Film Club - Sun 20th Feb

The Oxford and Cambridge Film Society's first outing of 2011

Sunday 20th Feb --  18.30 -- Cinematek (by Bozar) 18.30

Show People -- King Vidor, 1928

Silent with piano accompaniment

As Oscar season gets underway, let's go and see a film that shows satirising Hollywood and the star system is as old as the industry itself. Colonel Pepper brings his Southern Belle daughter, Peggy, to Hollywood to be an actress... With cameos from Charlie Chaplin, slapstick galore, and a live piano accompaniment -- this should be an excellent way to spend Sunday evening. Aim to arrive at 6pm as tickets can be very popular and cost just 3 euros at Cinematek. You will easily spot Frances Robinson who has promised to wear her John's scarf for recognition. Please reply to: