Film Club - 3rd October 2011

After a long, drizzly, summer it's time to return to the cinema -- what better way to start than with a hymn to the art itself?

Day For Night (Nuit Americaine) -- Francois Truffaut -- 1973

Oct 3, 20.15, Cinematek Flagey

Who doesn't love a film-within-a-film? Since Hamlet tried to improve the situation in Elsinore by staging a play, nothing get the drama moving like a drama. While Jean-Luc Godard's Le Mépris is a caustic take on the shallowness of commercial cinema, this is an altogether warmer affair, detailing Truffaut trying to film 'Je vous présente Pamela' in the sunny South of France. A cast of international megastars grapple with meltdowns, messy relationships and drinking problems galore, as they gradually make progress with their film...

Meet at Flagey Cinematek at 20.00, you can buy tickets in advance here:

Drinks in Cafe Belga afterwards if people are keen!