Visit Guild of Crossbowmen, Thurs 19th Nov 2009

A short notice event for the select first TEN people to apply. Perfect for those who like history, those who like the unusual and those who are just a little bored.

In the process of becoming an honorary member of the guild herself, Stevie Wishart has arranged that on Thursday 19th November at 20hrs, ten members of the Cambridge Society may ring the bell at the Iron Gates:

Ring the Bell: "St Georges"

Impasse du Borgendael  (entrance to Guild at far end of Impasse)

Place Royale, 7-9 bte 1

1000      Bruxelles.

They will get to see "Members of Guild of the Crossbowmen" shooting their weapons in a magical space underneath the Chapel of the Royal Palace. This guild, existing since the 14th century, is one of Brussels' oldest and the tradition of firing crossbows in Belgium dates back to the 12th century! At some point a member of the guild will talk about the history and the skills involved and answer questions.

There is a bar and they can also serve hamburgers and other snacks. So think of it as one of the most original (and coolest) places to have a drink on Thursday 19th.

Reply to to be one of the 10 and go and find out!