‘Sustainable Democracy’

A talk & discussion by Anand Panyarachun

The Cambridge Society is pleased to announce that it is co-hosting the third talk and discussion in the series of Amartya Sen Lectures on Sustainable Development, from 18.00hrs-19.45hrs on 24 June at the headquarters of ING Bank in Brussels. The lecture follows two successful earlier lectures with Nicholas Stern & John Browne, which many members of the Club attended.

The series is named in honour of Professor Amartya Sen, Nobel Prize laureate in economics, formerly Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, and currently Lamont Professor of Economics and Philosophy at

Harvard.  He will give a personal, videotaped introduction to the lecture.  The lecture itself  – entitled 'SUSTAINABLE DEMOCRACY' – will be delivered by Mr. Anand Panyarachun, former Prime Minister of Thailand and chairman of the UN High-Level Panel on Global Security, who is also a Cambridge graduate.  The sustainability of democracy in the developing world is especially topical in the light of a number of crises this year, and Anand Panyarachun is unusually well qualified to speak on the subject: he personally led the drafting of the democratic constitution which gave his own country its longest period of uninterrupted constitutional government in its history, and is one of Asia’s most respected democrats. An open discussion will be held following his lecture.

Registration instructions - IMPORTANT!!

Attendance is free-of-charge, and all members of the Cambridge Society are invited, but numbers are limited.

Cambridge Society members will receive preference in registration UNTIL 1 JUNE.  You should have received registration instructions by e-mail, if not, please contact the Secretary.

We are looking for SIX volunteers to help register and direct guests at this high profile event. The only requirement is to come an hour early, it should be great fun and we will organise a thank you dinner for participants at a later date.


Here is a report from Trinity’s College magazine about the Amartya Sen lecture back in June. Anand_Lecture_College_Magazine.pdf