Warmly received, members relaxed with champagne in the garden, toured the historic chateau and then were delighted by an insightful musical event. Penelope Turner and Andrew Wise entranced their audience with a sparkling song recital that was by turn touching, humorous and thought-provoking. Afterwards food was served. A great time was had by all....


Chateau de Louvignies

Sunday 22nd April 2007


Samuel Barber - Despite and Still, Op. 41 (1969)

Words by Robert Graves, Theodore Roethke, James Joyce

A Last Song

My Lizard (Wish for a Young Love)

In the Wilderness

Solitary Hotel

Despite and Still

Francis Poulenc - Banalités (1940)

Words by Guillaume Apollinaire

Chanson d’Orkenise


Fagnes de Wallonie

Voyage à Paris


Andrew Wise - Three Auden Songs (2006)

Words by W.H.Auden

Musée des Beaux Arts

Roman Wall Blues

Autumn Song

Benjamin Britten - Cabaret Songs (1937)

Words by W.H.Auden

Tell me the truth about love

Funeral Blues