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The Cambridge Society is pleased to announce an event next week, on 22 February, at which Peter Smith, a Cambridge graduate in the European Commission's Bureau of Policy Advisors, will give an informal briefing on EU policy-making, aimed exclusively at younger members.  The event is part of the "New Generation" programme of the British Chamber of Commerce in Brussels, and by special agreement with the Chamber, members of the Cambridge Society are welcome.  There is an age limit of 35.  The "New Generation" series is deliberately informal, with each meeting held around a modest pub-style dinner, and intended to let younger members quiz a knowledgeable speaker on a particular field of local or international interest.  

If you wish to attend, please click on the registration link below, and enter "Member of Cambridge Society" in the "additional information" box on the form. The cost of participation is 45 euros.

The British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium (BCCB) is very pleased to invite you to a: 


  BNG Insight Special with Peter Smith,  

Bureau of European Policy Advisors, European Commission


 “The role of the European Commission’s Bureau of European Policy Advisors”


Holding degrees from the Universities of Cambridge, Strasbourg and Boston, he has worked in a wide variety of positions in the European Parliament and European Commission specialising in micro-economics and sectoral adaptation in major sectors of the economy.  Special responsibilities within BEPA cover better regulation and enterprise issues, including small business related ones.  He has also been extensively involved with issues relating to the interaction between economic and social reforms.

The Bureau of European Policy Advisers is a department of the European Commission, reporting directly to the President and under his authority. It is composed to provide professional and well-informed advice to the President and the Commissioners and to formulate recommendations on issues regarding the policy of the EU.

 Thursday 22 February 2007


 19.30-21.30 hrs


  Arthurs, Rue de Treves 26, 1050 Brussels 

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