Friday 29 September 2006

Stevie Wishart, Vooruit concert hall, Gent


Stevie Wishart composes and improvises with violin, hurdy-gurdy, and voice interfaced with new computer-based technology. The musician’s movements are extracted as data using tiny sensors on her hands, arms and violin. This gives her the power to use the same gestures involved in playing her acoustic musical instruments to simultaneously control new virtual instruments running on a laptop. These virtual instruments transform the musical sound and include new instruments inspired by the physiology of the ear.

Stevie Wishart: composer-improviser musician/ concept
Todor Todoroff:  technical and systems director, sensor & sound analysis development, engineering, virtual instruments, Max/MSP and live sound diffusion
Ian Winter: neuro-scientist - auditory perception in terms of neural information processing, Department of Physiology, University of Cambridge
The music development for this project is funded by a Sciart award from Wellcome Trust, London, in collaboration with The Physiological Laboratory, University of Cambridge